Sabina Woźnica

Sabina Woźnica

Sabina Woźnica during the performance Water & Fire Bird which was held in Venice on 13-th of July 2017 / The Anima Mundi Festival by It’s Liquid Group


Painter and performance artist Sabina Woźnica was born in 1977 in Katowice. She holds a degree from the European Academy of Arts in Warsaw, where she received a diploma with honors in printmaking under the tutelage of Prof. Ryszard Osadczy in 2002. Since 2008, the artist has lived and worked in Kraków, and is involved in painting, printmaking and performance art. She is a member of IAA UNESCO as well as, since 2012, the Kraków branch of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers. Her works are to be found in the collection of andel’s Art collection and Sheraton Grand Krakow, as well as in private collections in Poland and around the world. Sabina Woźnica has been awarded the Tadeusz Kulisiewicz Prize, as well as a stipend from the Marshal of the Province of Silesia for her activities in the area of culture.

 Artistic Activities and Projects in Public Space


Parallax Art Fair, series of paintings: Consciousness of Existence, individual attendance supported by Adam Mickiewicz Institute,  Chelsea Town Hall in London, The United Kingdom


– Performance Water and Firebird, Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, It’s Liquid Group, Anima Mundi International Art Festival, Venice, Italy 


– Idea Generator- performance Kunstraum Ewigkeitsgasse, Vienna, Austria
– Graphic Workshops accompanying 'Masters of Dreams. Symbolism in the Bohemian Lands 1880–1914,exhibition, International Cultural Centre, Kraków

– Idea Generator- performance , vernissage, Andel’s Hotel, Kraków

– Performance at Synestezje Festival, Studio Club, Kraków
– Earth Hour- performance, Sheraton Hotel, Kraków
– Tibetan Independence Day, event at office of Mrs. Róża Thun -Member of European Parliament, Krakow


– Workshops accompanying 'Contemporary Norwegian
Architecture’ exhibition, International Cultural Centre,Kraków

– Painting action 10 march – Free Tibet!, collective painting of flag, Krakow & Free Tibet! – documentary film of the performance, 13 Cinema /  Pauza Foundation, Kraków


– Free Tibet!, action during the meeting with 14-th Dalai Lama, Hala Stulecia, Wrocław


– Free Tibet!, painting action on the bank of the Vistula river, Tyniec near Kraków
– Blue bird, Contemporary Art Center SOLVAY, Kraków

solo exhibitions:

2018- Consciousness of Existence – The Artemis- Art Gallery, Kraków

2016- All Shades of Days and Nights, Polish Auction House, Kraków

2015- Orient – Occident, Floriańska 22 Gallery, Kraków

2014- Idea Generator From Collegium Maius to Ewigkeitsgasse, Paintings and Prints, Kunstraum Ewigkeitsgasse, Vienna, Austria
2013- Idea Generator– painting & installation,  Andel’s, Kraków
2013- The Underworld of Psyche. Initiations, MOS- Małopolski Ogród Sztuki, Krakow
2012 – Reality and Fiction in works of Gabriel García Márquez, The Cervantes Institute Gallery in Kraków
2009 – Man & Nature, Piętro Wyżej Gallery , City of Gardens Gallery,  Katowice City of Gardens, Krystyna Bochenek Institution of Culture
2009 – Sketches from Nature, Promocyjna Gallery, SOLVAY, Contemporary Art Center  Kraków

2006 – Reality & Fiction by Gabriel García Márquez, Silesian Library Gallery, Katowice
2006 – Reality & Fiction by Gabriel García Márquez, Powszechny Theatre, Warsaw
2006 – One Hundred Years of Solitude, Baltycki Dramatyczny Theatre, Koszalin
2005 – One Hundred Years of Solitude, Lamelli Gallery, Kraków Culture Forum, Kraków
2004 – Ten Oxherding Pictures, 5 Gallery, Katowice City of Gardens, Krystyna Bochenek Institution of Culture , Katowice
2004 – Two Landscapes, Stara Kordegarda Gallery, Royal Łazienki Park, Warsaw
2002 – A City Visible but Unseen Warsaw – London – Mumbai, Society of Friends of the Fine Arts  Palace Gallery, Warsaw

Sabina Woźnica collective exhibitions:

2018- Small Format, Raven Gallery, Kraków

– Art Now , National Museum in Kraków

2017- Small Format, Raven Gallery, Kraków

-3-rd Winter Show of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers , Society  of Friends of  the Fine Arts Palace Gallery, Kraków

-Print and Time, Pryzmat Gallery, Kraków

2016- 2-nd Winter Show of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers , Society  of Friends of  the Fine Arts Palace Gallery, Kraków

2015- graphic exhibition at European Parliament Cours des Comptes Gallery 1, Luxembourg

-1-st Winter Show of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers ,Society  of Friends of  the Fine Arts Palace Gallery, Kraków
2013- New members of ZPAP Association at Pryzmat Gallery, Kraków
2004 – Here and Now, Katarzyna Napiórkowska Gallery, Warsaw
2003 – Proffessors and Students of European Academy of Arts and Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, The President Palace in Bucharest, Romania
2003 – Master and Student, Ars Polona Gallery, Warsaw
2002 – The Successors, Pro Bono Gallery, Warsaw
2002 – Exhibition of students and graduates of the European Academy of Arts, Art Center Koneser, Warsaw
2001 – Exhibition of painting, SGH (The Warsaw School of Economics), Warsaw
2000 – Exhibition of graphic prints accompanying the presentation of stipends of the „Tadeusz Kulisiewicz Stipends and Awards, Gallery of Friends of Fine Arts TPSP PaŁacyk, Warsaw;