Sabina Woźnica - from the performance Tibet will be freeet will

Sabina Woźnica
 Sabina Woznica as artist is Visionary. The visualisation play a key role in the process and it occurs simultaneously with a state of Mind and Psyche.
The aim of my work is to transform that state into autonomus forms in art’s language. Colours symbolize differents states of  mind and express such ideas like perception, feeling, and liberation conntected with philosophy. In the process of painting I also focus on functional aspects of the colour automatically. Each act of creation is unique because of new thought or innovative idea that comes during the process of creation .  If it is painting or performance I do not multiply images I search for new ones.

Following the path outlined by Gaston Bachelard concerning material imagination I work with air, fire, water and earth elements and that is manifested in material painting. The paint texture – light impasto and indistinct blots – is enriched by the coarseness of „foreign” materials: ash, charred wood or wood chips, stones and others. Therefore art is a zone of real freedom where exploration is a natural thing. I reject easy findings and solutions and popular tendencies. Artist is initiator and  concious man, always ready to prove it. I make use of action painting to propagate beliefs and ideas in public space.

Sabina Woźnica

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