The whisperer of time and space / VIDEO (DVD) 9’59”/2011

VIDEO (DVD) 9’59” /colour/sound/ '2011

In the film I was inspired by the model of shamanic initiation as a road serving as a process of the transformation of the libido (interpreted as psychic energy). In the case of the shaman, the result of a successful initiation is entry into cognitive contact owith the Guardian Sprit, who is a guide to the Underworld. The artist, following the path of the shaman, yearns to become familiar with the unconscious or the Underworld. Spaces, in which these initiations occur, are: the workshop as a hermitage where the libido is focused on inner experiences (introversion), the city as the place where the introverted libido has contact with the outside world, and the forest as a place of rebirth of the libido. TIme is specified in the video as a process of transformation, wihich the artist’s libido is subject to. Artist may carry out the mystery of the transformation of the libido, harnessing the elements of water, fire, earth and air. This film could be described as poeticimpressions with an emhasis on stimulating spheres of dreamy realms in the spectator – dreamy whises.